All are welcome to attend our programs which meet at the Seacoast Science Center, Odiorne Point State Park, 570 Ocean Boulevard, Rye. Refreshments are at 7:00 pm. Meetings begin at 7:30 pm. Doors will be locked at 7:45 pm!!! For more information contact Dan Hubbard at 603-332-4093, or

Program: Effects of Invasive Shrubs on Common Yellowthroat Breeding Successs
Wednesday, January 13
UNH Cooperative Extension Wildlife Specialist Matt Tarr will present the results of his PhD research investigating how a reduction in caterpillar abundance associated with the presence of invasive shrubs influences the productivity and behavior of Common Yellowthroats. He will also provide an overview of ongoing research investigating habitat use, site fidelity, and juvenile dispersal of shrubland dependent birds in southeastern NH.

Program: Bosque del Apache and the Rio Grande Corridor
Wednesday, February 10
Since 2007, Bill Gette, Sanctuary Director of Mass Audubon's Joppa Flats Education Center has led nine January travel programs to the El Paso, Texas area and along the Rio Grande River to Albuquerque, New Mexico. His itinerary includes many of the most productive birding venues and scenic areas in New Mexico. Bill will show you his photographs of these diverse habitats and describe the beautiful wildlife he has encountered. You will see desert specialties of the Chihuahuan Desert, shorebirds in Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, songbirds in the Organ Mountains, and tens of thousands of Snow and Ross's Geese at Bosque del Apache.

Program: Data, Maps, Action! Find out What's New in the 2015 Wildlife Action Plan
Wednesday, February 17 **6:00 pm (snow date February 24)
**Urban Forestry Center, 45 Elwyn Road, Portsmouth; refreshments provided
Please register at
This program will provide an overview of the 2015 Wildlife Action Plan, a review of the revised wildlife maps, data and information in the updated plan, and most importantly, actions you can take to help New Hampshire's wildlife and habitats. Join us to learn what's new and how you can use this information to take your wildlife and conservation efforts to the next level.

Program: Update on the Purple Martin Colony in Seabrook
Wednesday, March 9
Seacoast Audubon member Dennis Skillman will present an overview of the establishment of a colony of the NH endangered Purple Martin in Seabrook. After a pair of martins was observed nesting in a bird house in a Seabrook marsh in 2013, a group of birders shared a desire to encourage the growth of a Purple Martin colony at the site. Dennis will describe the enlistment of local support for the project, the development of the nest structure used, the funding acquired, the group of dedicated birders involved, and the ultimate success of the effort; a colony filled to capacity and over 40 young fledged. 

Program: The Acadia Birding Festival - Changes Through the Years and What is Offered Now
Wednesday, April 13
The Acadia Birding Festival (ABF) is in its 18th year and has become a popular festival nationwide. It attracts about 300 people/year from all over the US and beyond. It offers many field trips, boat trips, workshops, keynote presentations, social events, food, and also lots of fun and camaraderie. Come hear ABF Executive Director Becky Marvil describe the making of a successful festival, how ABF has changed through the years, and what to expect if you attend in June, 2016 or any future year. 

Program: Bird Banding
Wednesday, May 11
Bird banding has been recognized for many years as an important research tool for ornithologists. Migration patterns, longevity, behavior, diseases, food preferences, population studies, and geographic distribution are just a few of the areas being investigated through banding. Join Jay Barry and Lauren Kras as they introduce you to the methods of banding and a look at current research programs being conducted in NH. 

Program: World End Pond Teaser
Wednesday, June 8
In the southeast corner of NH along the MA border lies a shallow, 100 acre pond known as World End Pond. Since 2012, over 170 species of birds have been recorded at this Salem site and it has proven to be one of the top ranking birding locations in southern NH. Come learn about this hidden gem from Salem resident and presenter Kyle Wilmarth.