All are welcome to attend our programs which meet at the Seacoast Science Center, Odiorne Point State Park, 570 Ocean Boulevard, Rye. Refreshments are at 7:00 pm. Meetings begin at 7:30 pm. For more information contact Dan Hubbard at 603-332-4093, or

Program: Turtles of New Hampshire; What You May Not Know
Wednesday, January 14
Do you know that NH has no truly terrestrial turtles or that we have a state endangered turtle? Turtles are very long lived and their continued existence depends on this longevity. Turtles see in color and hatchling/baby turtles receive no parental care. Please join us and learn much more about the natural history of turtles. Chris Bogard, a NH State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, will present a few of her case histories of turtles hit by cars and also bring some live individuals that you may never have seen before.

Program: Lions and Zebras and Ostrich, Oh My!
Wednesday, February 11
The Tanzania plains are home to about a quarter of Africa's large mammals and hundreds of bird species. It's not possible to see all in two weeks, but NH Audubon’s, Ruth Smith observed and learned about many of them during a February 2013 dream-come-true trip. Join Ruth sharing safari slides and highlights, including close encounters with elephant herds, towers of giraffes, coalition of cheetahs, migrating wildebeest, mischievous monkeys, gorgeous rollers, flamboyant flamingos, and elegant cranes (naming a few). Experiencing "zoo creatures" in their native habitat, visiting the cradle of mankind, and meeting current residents of this special country was a journey worth sharing.

Program: Beware the Emerald Ash Borer
Wednesday, March 11
Wood stove users be on the lookout! The Emerald Ash Borer has been labeled the most destructive forest pest in North America and has killed ever-widening swaths of ash trees in the Northeast since the late 1990s. It has now been spotted in NH. As outdoor enthusiasts and/or firewood users, YOU can help by learning how to recognize the signs of this highly destructive insect and what you can do if you spot it. Amy Papineau, Field Specialist, and Fred Borman, Rockingham County Forester, of the UNH Cooperative Extension, and Lauren Kras, President of the Seacoast Chapter, will be the presenters.

Program: The Birds of Iceland
Wednesday, April 8
Join NHA member David Govatski of Jefferson for a program on the bird life of Iceland. David served as a Naturalist on the French expedition ship L’Austral in July 2014. The program will also cover the flora, fauna, geology and culture of this fascinating and beautiful island. Iceland is home to 10 million Atlantic Puffins as well as millions of other seabirds and is considered to be the “Duck Factory” of Europe for the number of waterfowl that breed there. We will explore the country from Surtsey in the south to beautiful Lake Myvatn and Grimsey Island on the Arctic Circle in the north.

Program: Uganda: Gorillas in our Midst (and Cool Birds, too)
Wednesday, May 13
Uganda, though a small African country, is rich beyond its size in wildlife and scenery. Straddling the savannas and woodlands of East Africa and the lush tropical forests and high mountains of Central Africa, it allows its visitors to experience, in an intimate way, the richness of the African continent. Explore this unique destination from the shores of Lake Victoria to the steep slopes of the Impenetrable Forest in search of rare birds and amazing mammals. Seacoast Chapter member David Donsker will be your guide. 

Program: Birding the Ho Chi Minh Trail
Wednesday, June 10
Join Seacoast Chapter members Jim Sparrell and Katie Towler for a visit to Vietnam, in which they search for the "very skulking" Chestnut-eared Laughingthrush and a new species first identified in 1999, the Black-crowned Barwing. For this second birding trip in the country, they traveled in the North Central Highlands. They went inland from Danang, where they had a variety of migrating and resident raptors and many other species along the Ho Chi Minh Trail not far from the Laotian border.