All are welcome to attend our programs which meet at the Seacoast Science Center, Odiorne Point State Park, 570 Ocean Boulevard, Rye. Refreshments are at 7:00 pm. Meetings begin at 7:30 pm. Doors will be locked at 7:45 pm!!! For more information contact Dan Hubbard at 603-332-4093, or

Program: Birding in Colombia

Wednesday, September 14
Colombia has over 1870 species; the most birds of any country. There are 152 species of hummingbird, 125 species of tanager and 51 parrot species, to name a few. This program will share some of the highlights of two trips that ranged from the seashore to all three north-south cordilleras of the Andes and the two major river valleys between them, and the Santa Marta mountains as well. Dana and Bob Fox, who have travelled the world to see wonderful birds in amazing habitats, will be the presenters.

Program: Birding Alaska

Wednesday, October 12
Seacoast Chapter member Steve Bennett will describe the highlights of his three week birding and nature tour of Nome, the Pribilof Islands, Denali National Park, and beyond.

Program: The Nature of Our National Parks

Wednesday, November 9
The National Park Service is celebrating its Centennial in 2016. This program reviews the history of our national park system and why parks were protected. We will visit several national parks across America and learn about the stories behind the scenery. There are 411 units in the system, 59 designated as National Parks, but many others include national monuments, preserves, historic sites, battlefields, parkways, and seashores. Some new units being considered will be discussed. NH Audubon member David Govatski, with a lifelong quest to visit all units (currently 363), will share tips on timing and planning your visits.

Program: Racing the Tide: Nesting Ecology and Conservation of NH's Tidal Marsh Birds

Wednesday, December 14
NH's coastal marshes are home to a bird community that is uniquely adapted to living in this dynamic environment. Many build nests on the marsh surface, making them highly susceptible to tidal inundation. Rising sea levels and climate change add an additional threat to tidal marsh birds throughout the Northeast. One species most vulnerable is the Saltmarsh Sparrow, a specialist species currently experiencing dramatic population declines. UNH graduate student Bri Benvenuti will discuss her research on the nesting adaptations of Saltmarsh Sparrows and the conservation of tidal marsh birds as part of the Saltmarsh Habitat and Avian Research Program.

Program: The Other Bay of Pigs Invasion--American Birders in Castro's Cuba

Wednesday, January 11
Thinking of birding in Cuba? Birder and History professor Kurk Dorsey will talk about his experiences with 14 other New England birders (and his octogenarian dad from Ohio) as they spent a week in January 2015 in Havana and the Zapata Peninsula looking for birds, deciphering Cuban history and politics, and trying not to create any international incidents. Two out of three ain't bad!