Seacoast Chapter, NH Audubon Programs
7:00 pm: refreshments; 7:30 pm: meeting
Seacoast Science Center, Odiorne Point State Park, 570 Ocean Boulevard, Rye.
Contact: Dan Hubbard, 332-4093,
Program: Citizen Scientist Monitoring of Osprey Distribution and Reproductive Success Along the Yellowstone River in Montana
Wednesday, February 12
Watching an Osprey dive into the water, sometimes submerging completely, before rising from the surface with a struggling fish leaves a lasting impression for birder
and non-birder alike. The Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society in Billings, Montana has monitored Osprey nests along the Yellowstone River since 2009 because most
pairs are building nests on power poles, thereby coming into conflict with utility companies. In 2009, 3 volunteers located 22 nests while today over 40 volunteers hustle
along 300 miles of river to monitor nearly 100 nests. This presentation by Marco Restani, Wildlife Biologist for NorthWestern Energy in Montana, will review population
ecology, behavior, and conservation of this widespread and recognizable raptor.

Program: Bizarre Birds of the World
Wednesday, March 11
With over 10,000 bird species in the world, there are some extreme examples that stretch our understanding of what it means to be a bird. This entertaining and educational program presented by Dr. Steve Hale, owner and guide for Open World Explorers, features extreme examples of birds and bird biology. Examples include the Hoatzin, Kakapo, Oilbird, Standard Wing Nightjar, and more.

Program: The Bears of Katmai
Wednesday, April 8

Katmai National Park is a spectacular four million acre national park and preserve located on the Alaska Peninsula in southwest Alaska. This program will focus on the brown bears of Katmai and why it is one of the best places in the world to see them. We will also cover the other wildlife, plants and the spectacular geology of the Valley of the 10,000 Smokes. The brown bears of Katmai feed during the summer on a diet of salmon and large bears are known to eat up to 90 pounds of salmon in one day! How the bears get along with each other, how they fish, and other aspects of their lives will be discussed. How to plan a trip to Katmai and where to stay as well as visiting Lake Clark National Park will also be discussed. David Govatski, U.S. Forest Service retiree and present naturalist and writer is the presenter. He works as an expedition ship naturalist in Alaska and has studied brown bears at Katmai.

Program: Drone Technology for Natural Resource Management
Wednesday, May 13

Drones can do so much more than delivering pizzas and Amazon boxes! Learn how this exciting technology is being used for natural resource management, from monitoring bird nesting colonies to measuring erosion on beaches. Presenter will be Sue Bickford, Stewardship Coordinator for the Wells National Estuarine
Research Reserve in Wells, ME, as well as owner of drone consulting company, New England UAV.

Program: Pelagic Birds and Wildlife of the Gulf of Maine
Wednesday, June 10

Join Steve Mirick, long time active NH birder and leader of many pelagic bird trips, for an exploration of the birds and assorted marine life encountered off the NH coastline in the Gulf of Maine. Learn why this area is so important for marine life and how pelagic birds have adapted to a life at sea.